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Client methodology

Min Need Collection

1. Collection of the need

IMT Partners gathers as much information as possible from the mission sponsors: context and nature of the desired intervention, key skills, experience in specific situations, location and duration of the mission. The objective is to target the request as well as possible and to propose the best solution.

IMT Min Solution

2. IMT solution

IMT Partners works on a success basis and only operates in a hidden market. Our teams do not hunt or advertise to identify candidates for the assignments we are asked to undertake. Our candidates are qualified in a broad framework, with no assignment at stake, and are contacted later when an opportunity matching their background arises. IMT Partners offers its best available solution.

Contractualization Min

3. Contractualization

IMT Partners supports the business relationship through a service contract that provides simplicity and flexibility. It can be set up quickly, adapted to the emergency situations that are very common in this field. The content of the mission is formalized in its initial version.

Min. mission progress

4. Course of the mission

IMT Partners carries out regular follow-up between the partner in charge of the file and the interim manager, but also with the client. We listen to you so that communication between the manager and your teams is facilitated. Our team does everything possible to meet your expectations and optimize the mission with transparency.