Photo Meeting 2 Methodology Candidate Min

Candidate Methodology

Identification Min

1. Identification

IMT Partners only builds its network by recommendation or spontaneous application. IMT Partners does not publish any advertisements. In fact, our partners, who may be professional associations, networks of managers, outplacement firms, or our clients, submit to us profiles that practice the profession of interim manager or that are interested in it.

Min qualification

2. Qualification

Each interim manager identified is met in a broad framework without any direct mission at stake. The objective of this interview is to get to know each other and to synthesize the areas of adherence between the skills and the situations entrusted to the firm.

Staffing & Contractualization Min

3. Staffing & Contractualization

In response to its needs, IMT Partners contacts the identified managers and validates with them their availability, motivation and skills. Once the sponsor and the manager have agreed to work together and the content of the assignment has been defined, IMT Partners enters into a contract with the consultant. This contractualization is based on the client contract in terms of obligation, flexibility and duration. However, IMT Partners does not apply the same payment terms as its clients to managers who are paid in cash (freelance or portage salarial).

Min. mission progress

4. Course of the mission

IMT Partners follows the manager throughout the assignment. The mission director is the manager's main contact to share information on the progress and difficulties of the mission. Weekly reviews are carried out during the first 5 weeks to ensure the proper integration of the manager in the client's reference system. This stage is formalized by the delivery to the client of an astonishment report allowing to propose a refinement of the mission letter. The follow-up becomes monthly from this point on. It can be physical, by phone or by videoconference depending on the location of the mission.