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Our values

It is the sum of these key elements that forms our conception of interim management.



To listen to our customers in order to bring them the best solutions.

Listening to the managers, proposing them the missions that are best adapted to their expectations and expertise. It is the restitution of this information that contributes to the success of the mission.



The requirement in the description of the contents of the missions that our customers submit to us.

The rigorous selection of the interim managers who make up our incubator. IMT Partners' strict adherence to its commitments. Present at each stage of our interventions, it contributes to the rapid achievement of our objectives.



Quality in the follow-up of managers, guaranteed by regular and fluid communication, activity reports and an end-of-assignment report. Quality in our relationships with our clients, who are looking for more than just a relationship, a reliable and committed partner. A successful mission is above all the result of a quality collaboration between the different actors.



The transparency of our clients, who describe precisely the context and the objectives to be achieved. The transparency of our managers, who are the pillar of the relationship of trust during the follow-up of the mission, and the transparency of IMT Partners, when we bring together a manager and a client around a common project. When faced with an emergency, our ability to offer a "tailor-made" service stems from the transparency of each actor.



Responsiveness to our customers and managers.

Responding quickly to our clients' expectations and offering them profiles that correspond, within a short period of time. Reactivity also towards our managers, to be informed very regularly of their news and to be able to contact them, to explain the mission and to put them quickly in touch with the customer.



Vis-à-vis our customers, to know how to say no when we don't know how to do it. To answer simply to our customers, on our capacities to make and to present managers who will correspond to their expectations. The humility of our managers, who with their experience, know how to constantly question themselves and see their mission as a contribution to the mission for the clients.



No exclusive relationship. Once the profile of the manager is identified, it is known to all within our structure, it can be called, as much by the founding partners as by the directors of missions, the information is shared to allow a better cohesion of group.