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IMT Partners supports all French and international economic players, including SMEs, SMIs, large listed or family-owned groups, investment funds and public organizations.



It is the largest consumer of interim management assignments:

In case of success in an international tender, the company must be able to urgently reinforce itself with qualified resources on site to face unexpected peaks of activity in studies or in production to compensate for the recruitment difficulties of industrial sites located outside of large cities.

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Corporate Services


Companies in this sector use interim management to reach new levels:

When their development is international, they reinforce themselves with profiles with local experience.
They often use mission mode to structure their rapid growth and set up appropriate organizations and tools. Many SMEs have not yet reached a size that allows them to have all the resources of a large group, although they have the needs.

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Investment Funds

Private Equity

Their activity is characterized by equity investments whose objective is to obtain a value over a defined period. For each operation, they rely on experienced managers who can be the operational relay of their strategic decisions.

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Retail & Luxury

This sector is undergoing a complete transformation and is the source of many projects entrusted to consulting firms for the organizational aspect. The players in this market now call on interim managers to strengthen their support functions and channel internal resources into strategic and confidential projects.

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Bank Insurance

These sectors are historically consumers of intellectual services:

Banking institutions are looking for operational profiles to challenge consulting firms. Insurance and mutual companies are subject to strong variations in scope, linked to the concentration of their market. The contribution of an external profile to both companies is often appreciated to completely overhaul their organizations.

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Real estate

BTP Real Estate

These two sectors of activity culturally privilege development and management functions, to the detriment of support functions. It is in this context that companies will seek the intervention of managers to upgrade these often neglected functions.

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